Tommy Van Galder – Director of Sales, Endoscopy

I had the fortune of interning with Stryker twice, during the Summer of 2004 and 2005. Both times I was able to leverage my engineering education as a post market engineer. Although technically a Manufacturing Engineer in 2004 and Quality Engineer in 2005, the Operations units were much smaller and the role tended to overlap in both functions during the summers. The business units for operations then were much leaner, but the ability to have two experiences that incorporated different products, responsibilities and vendors also allowed me to interact with the tremendous individuals across a large portion of our production floor.

My first summer with Stryker was also my first as an intern with any company and I had envisioned what an “internship” was… I quickly realized how misguided the belief that I would be making copies in between Starbucks runs and was immediaty surprised at the level of responsibility bestowed on myself and interns in general. We were a very small group and there was rarely a day that the 9 of us interns didn’t return to our shared apartments discussing the day’s events in excitement as we truly were able to have an impact on the business.

After graduation, I joined Stryker in the Operations group as a post-market quality engineer. I had a large number of products and immediately took any and all opportunities to inject myself into the field whenever possible to investigate the issues that came up. It was here that I developed many relationships in the sales force and found my true passion to be in the field in front of our customers. After a couple years in San Jose, I transitioned into the sales force as an Associate Sales rep and after just a few months found myself in a sales territory that had seen 4 reps in as many years. I slogged it out for 4 years as a sales representative building a strong business in Southern California before transitioning into the ProCare Business as the Sales and marketing Manager. In the more recent past I stepped back into the field full time as a Regional Manager covering the Northwest region, and about 2 years ago moved into the Director of Sales role covering the Western US.

I’d describe what I’d love about being a part of the Stryker family in one word: Passion! You are hard pressed to find someone at Stryker who doesn’t find passion in their work and life in general. A wise mentor of mine summed this up in a way that just made sense to me… Stryker people don’t just like to win, but they like to win with others surrounding them that also like to win. I love the energy I feel at a Sales Meeting, around the office, or just in an impromptu gathering. The energy and fire to succeed is palpable and in my current role I hear time and time again from our customers that they can spot a Stryker employee from a mile away because of it!

Philip Kemp – Project Engineer, Shoulder Arthroplasty R&D, Trauma & Extremities

“Performed, improved, adapted, planned, managed, directed.”  These are all powerful words that make their way on the majority of our resumes.  These words engage an employer and fill them with excitement knowing that you could be their leading candidate.  They bring you in for an interview, and in the few hours you may spend together, this employer is supposed to decide whether or not you have emerged as the most valuable candidate for their team.  But that is way too superficial. Stryker interns are beyond that, and as an intern at Stryker, we are not only given the opportunity to own those powerful resume words, but we are given the chance to go beyond the superficial nature of the interview process.  The months spent as an intern are your interview.  These months are your chance to learn, to seek new opportunities, and most importantly to contribute.

All interns, past and present, appreciate their ability to contribute to Stryker and its mission to make healthcare better.  Your contributions as an intern are measurable, and the impact you make becomes a two-way street between you and Stryker.  Stryker exposes you to opportunities to learn and grow, while you expose Stryker to the unique qualities that make you a valuable asset to Stryker.  While here, take advantage of those opportunities Stryker has to offer, but also pay attention to what you are able to bring to Stryker.  You are here, and you were selected amongst a sea of equally impressive resumes.  So, take advantage of it.  Learn, network, step out of your comfort zone, and have fun.

I was an intern with Device Evaluation in the Reconstructive (Ortho) division for one summer and returned as a Specialty Instruments (Reconstructive) intern the following summer.  In 2013, I started with the Specialty Instruments team full-time as an Associate Project Engineer after graduating, and since July 2015, I have been a Project Engineer with the Shoulder R&D team within Trauma & Extremities.   The people here make this company special, and the environment pushes us all to go above and beyond and to challenge the norm.  I’m a proud member of the Stryker family.

William Huegel- Contract and Pricing Analyst, Sales Operations

I interned at Stryker Performance Solutions (SPS) and in Sales Operations in the Orthopedic Group.

Between SPS and the Sales Operations Rotation Program, Stryker allowed me to exercise my abilities on a number of different teams and under a variety of managerial styles. Being mobile reminded me of taking different intro classes freshman year of college. While in pursuit of finding a major, or in this case a job, I was able to identify where my strengths fit best. By providing a similar structure to my academic career, Stryker provided an environment that was both familiar and conducive to learning a lot during a short period of time. What stuck out the most was how passionate each team was and how willing they were to teach and answer my questions.

I transitioned into the Associate Sales Operations Analyst role and am currently a Contracts & Pricing Analyst.

I love being a part of a company that truly values its people. I’ve never felt like there was a closed door or an opportunity I couldn’t pursue. Stryker fosters a “learn-it-all” community where employees welcome you to pick their brains and challenge the status quo.

Kameron Kampen- Enterprise Account Specialist

I interned as Stryker Medical in EMS Marketing. As an intern, you are really given an opportunity to be fully immersed into the culture and the way of life within the company. Along with that, you have an opportunity to meet numerous people from multiple functions of the business to really get a feel for how a company of this size operates. Final note, healthcare will touch everyone throughout their lifetime. Stryker allows you to improve those touchpoints for everyone while working to improve the overall landscape of healthcare. I transitioned to a marketing associate, then a marketing specialist, and now a strategic accounts specialist.

The culture at Stryker is about the people and a continuous push to improve the environments where we work. The competition is healthy because it drives us all to be better. Being part of a global entity of our size allows us to broaden our perspectives, challenge ways of thinking, and solve real world problems.

Tricia Henry- Sr. Learning Specialist, Learning & Development, Stryker Instruments

I was an intern for the IVS/NSE business units of Instruments here in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  I was an HR Intern and reported to the HR Business Partner for IVS/NSE.  I studied Healthcare Administration and Sales, but loved HR from the start, and have since stayed in this function!

I was given a project to fix a costly/ineffective process that we had in HR.  It was very manual, and no one to that point had found a great way to fix it.  It was a learning curve to crack the code of what the root issues were, what our employees needed, etc.  I love how Stryker gives us real, challenging projects to work on.  My internship was extended into the fall because the project was gaining a lot of traction.  In any function, I was so excited to see on the last day the great things that my peers had accomplished in 3 short months!  Some had created apps for our Sales Reps, created critical pieces for our medical devices, and fixed a variety of problems across the business.  Stryker very much values a fresh set of eyes and different approaches to solving problems, which makes our interns so valuable and successful.

I transitioned into the role of HR Rep in January 2013.  I was working within the Instruments division and reporting to HR business partners – I had great mentors throughout the entire functional team who helped me grow my competency and experience as a fresh grad.  I was always saying “yes” to new things to broaden my horizon and take on a little extra work to learn something new or connect with someone new.  After that role, I moved into a specialized function of HR, Learning and Development.  One of the reasons why I’ll stay with Stryker for a long time is their focus and passion around people and their career success.  I get to wake up every day and help people learn new things that can eventually help them be their best selves at work.  I’ve been in this role for over two years and it’s been so rewarding, challenging, and exciting (just like Stryker)!

I love the phrase “Stryker Family”, because like many Stryker employees, I am not from Kalamazoo or Michigan for that matter.  I moved to Stryker not knowing anyone and have since truly grown a family here of amazing peers, supporters, and friends.  It is a very special place to be!  From getting lunch with a coworker, to living with my 3 best friends (who I was interns with back in 2012 J), to knowing people across other parts of the company that I can ring up and ask for a favor, the intern program has set me up with an amazing network and even better friendships that are truly my “Kalamazoo Family”.  That family has only continued to grow in my 4 years here.  I talk to friends in different cities/different companies all the time, and nothing compares to the type of “family” that we have here at Stryker.  It’s really special.

Emily Van Norman- Business Analyst/LINK R&D Stryker Instruments

I interned at Instruments Surgical R&D as a software engineer. First and foremost the people at Stryker stuck out to me during my internship! I found my best friends while interning at Stryker and actually live with 3 of them now! I loved the responsibility I was given when I was an intern. I feel like I truly made a difference with the projects I worked on.

After my two summer internships as a software engineer I came on full time as an Advanced Quality Engineer but on the same product. I just recently moved into a new role as a Business Analyst with Connected Care.

I love the culture at Stryker. I find it very motivating to work with such high achieving employees who want to make a difference.