What is Stryker?

“What is Stryker?” These were my first words when approached by a friend about applying to work at Stryker. How is it I’ve lived 20 minutes away from Endoscopy HQ for 15 years and never heard of the company?

After accepting the internship in the fall, the anticipation began to build month by month until May finally came. Nervously, I flew to California with all the thoughts of whether I was prepared for the work they would have. Did I learn enough in school? Would I adjust well to professional life? Will I work well with those around me? And the list goes on.

But I remember the feeling of excitement and nervousness among the interns the first day as I walked into the newly finished lobby.  The interns excitedly introduced themselves to every newcomer until it was time for the orientation. As we headed into the first day of orientation, the nerves slowly dissipated. The feeling of being part of a “family” comes to mind.  That first day flew by as we met our teams and began to get introduced to our area of work. Everyone we met that day was excited we were there, and they were eager to help us succeed.

The first week was filled with orienting to the business with plenty of 1 on 1 meetings that helped me gain a large picture of the Global Quality & Operations (GQO) and Manufacturing of Endoscopy. I was learning something new every day and was challenged from the first day to work hard and have a great time doing it.

The first weekend the interns packed in the adventures with dinner Friday night, followed by a Santa Cruz beach day, San Francisco for a day, and a hike to Mission Peak. From the first day, the interns all connected and became friends instantly. All in all that first week at Stryker had me anticipating a great summer.

So…what is Stryker? In my opinion…

It is an ENGAGING, INNOVATIVE, GROWING, TEAM ENVIRONMENT focused on making healthcare better. And I am so excited to be a part of the team this summer.

Mission Peak - Endo

Preston Haynes

Pensacola Christian College

Endoscopy GQO, Finance/Accounting Intern

San Jose, CA


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