Lakeland Sustainability Watermelon 5K Series

The Lakeland Florida interns and employees from Sustainability Solutions (over 300 competitors) recently ran in a 5K to support the American Cancer Society.  Most of us weren’t runners per say, but we were there to have fun and compete, and that we definitely did.

Once the race started, I thought I could at least try to keep up with the one triathlete in our intern group, Michael Rees, but that notion quickly vanished as the race began (I literally fell behind him within the first 20 steps). At every mile marker we finished, there was a volunteer announcing our times as we passed by, and that made the race even more official. Finishing the race was an amazing feeling, but one of the best things was watching our Stryker community cheering our racers on. Whenever anyone approached the finish line, there was an abundance of encouragement and support. It was just a fun environment. We then finished the race, indulging ourselves with watermelon and water as the Florida heat just started to come on. It was an amazing first experience at a 5K.

In the end, this event was just another instance illustrating how Stryker is not simply a company driven to make healthcare better, but is also an active and sportive group of individuals, extending their goals beyond healthcare and into their community. I’ve had such an incredible experience here at Stryker from the challenging projects, to the smart and genuine people I’ve met, to the many fun off-site events. I came here to learn and explore as much as I could about every aspect of the industry, and Stryker has certainly given me every opportunity to do so. This internship was definitely the best thing I could have done with my summer.

Lakeland Watermelon 5K


Research & Development

Sustainability Solutions – Lakeland, FL


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