Finding a New Home

The Lakeland, FL Habitat for Humanity allowed the Stryker Sustainability Solutions interns and mentors to come together and give a family their home back. When we arrived, we walked into a barren shell with walls and were asked to help paint the house as part of a larger renovating project for a local family. Splitting up into teams of a few, we tackled the interior walls and ceiling, as well as the exterior walls and accenting trim. Four hours (and a lot of painted clothing) later, we were able to step back and fully appreciate what we had just done. Sure, we collectively painted around 100 hours and completed our community service event for the summer, but “watching the paint dry” that afternoon was one of the most humbling experiences any of us have felt. We proudly walked away knowing that we changed the lives of a family.

Roshan H4H pic

Roshan Patel HeadshotRoshan Patel

Quality Assurance

Sustainability Solutions – Lakeland, FL


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