Philip Kemp – Project Engineer, Shoulder Arthroplasty R&D, Trauma & Extremities

“Performed, improved, adapted, planned, managed, directed.”  These are all powerful words that make their way on the majority of our resumes.  These words engage an employer and fill them with excitement knowing that you could be their leading candidate.  They bring you in for an interview, and in the few hours you may spend together, this employer is supposed to decide whether or not you have emerged as the most valuable candidate for their team.  But that is way too superficial. Stryker interns are beyond that, and as an intern at Stryker, we are not only given the opportunity to own those powerful resume words, but we are given the chance to go beyond the superficial nature of the interview process.  The months spent as an intern are your interview.  These months are your chance to learn, to seek new opportunities, and most importantly to contribute.

All interns, past and present, appreciate their ability to contribute to Stryker and its mission to make healthcare better.  Your contributions as an intern are measurable, and the impact you make becomes a two-way street between you and Stryker.  Stryker exposes you to opportunities to learn and grow, while you expose Stryker to the unique qualities that make you a valuable asset to Stryker.  While here, take advantage of those opportunities Stryker has to offer, but also pay attention to what you are able to bring to Stryker.  You are here, and you were selected amongst a sea of equally impressive resumes.  So, take advantage of it.  Learn, network, step out of your comfort zone, and have fun.

I was an intern with Device Evaluation in the Reconstructive (Ortho) division for one summer and returned as a Specialty Instruments (Reconstructive) intern the following summer.  In 2013, I started with the Specialty Instruments team full-time as an Associate Project Engineer after graduating, and since July 2015, I have been a Project Engineer with the Shoulder R&D team within Trauma & Extremities.   The people here make this company special, and the environment pushes us all to go above and beyond and to challenge the norm.  I’m a proud member of the Stryker family.


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