Dream Come True.

6 Weeks later and I can still remember the day I left my house to begin a new chapter in Mahwah. My dad had stayed home a little later than normal to give me a hug and send me on my way… and that was that. I then got in my car and drove some 700 miles across the country to get me to where I am now.

I had one day after arriving to get my things settled before I started work on Monday, and I had many mixed emotions. Working at Stryker had been a dream of mine since I entered high school, and that dream was becoming a reality. While that dream may be a reality, I spent my first week or so just trying to get my bearings. (Learning all the products that Sales Education runs into… which is almost all of them.)

After learning as much as I could in a week, I began to see how the sales education department ran. Having two sales school classes for Recon and Trauma in at once may have been a little overwhelming, but it was worth it. I got to learn what the Reps and Associates had to go through in order to start their job in the field. This was by far one of the most interesting things I had seen since I want to be a Rep myself one day.

My journey with the classes ended a little early though when I was sent to Chicago to help with the Warriors and Champions meetings. These meetings were to help us sell the Triathlon brand and keep our customers in the loop and informed. I spent most of the meetings setting up rooms and talking to surgeons, which in turn helped me learn so much more about the company and our products.

The days after the Champions meetings in Chicago seemed to be the longest thus far. I spent 6 hours on a plane to and from Chicago, not arriving home until 3 in the morning, and then sending myself off to a cadaver lab that same day at 6:45 am. Someone once said “You can sleep when you’re dead” and that is definitely true when you find yourself working at Stryker. There are so many great opportunities to learn and grow as an individual, and I just couldn’t let myself pass any of them up. (Even if that did mean getting 3 hours and 46 minutes of sleep and trying to experience New jersey with your friends after.)

As the first half of my internship comes to a close, I am eager to see what the second half has to offer. If it is anything like the first, I am in for a crazy ride with many adventures.

Jennifer Priebe

Sales Education Intern

Orthopaedics- Mahwah, NJ



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