A Stryker Summer

Wow. Four weeks have gone by and I’m completely blown away by everything that has happened with Stryker so far. The opportunities, experiences, and relationships that have already started to shape my internship in California are life-changing. Remembering back to the first day of work seems like years ago. I was excited, nervous, intimidated, and anxious. Just 28 days later I feel empowered, motivated, and eager to pursue all the opportunities that are part of the internship program at Stryker, Endoscopy.

The environment that characterizes the professional workplace of Endoscopy is unique. Everybody comes to work each day excited to be together, positive about their impact on Stryker as a business, and filled with just enough goofiness to make every moment a blast to be at work. I have already found friends here that motivate me, inspire me to be a better person, and make me want to work harder. I hope to continue to build these relationships with people that are so easy to connect with and be impressed by.

The projects that I have been assigned for this summer are incredible! I can directly see the impact that I have the potential to make not only with Stryker, but with the healthcare professionals that we work with every single day and with the patients that we ultimately are inspired to change the lives of. During my short time with Stryker I have already interacted with 2 surgeons, facilitated a cadaver lab on site, and finalized plans to visit a surgery case in the coming days. These opportunities give me an insight in to how important my day-to-day work is and how my individual work can have a positive impact on the lives of the patients we work to serve as well as on the innovation which can shape the medical technologies field.

The internship program with Stryker is the opportunity of a lifetime. Only four weeks in to the program I can say with confidence that I have met some of my best friends within the group. These guys are awesome and there really is no limit as to what can make your summer experience incredible. Highlights for me have been skydiving, kayaking with otters, and exploring San Francisco. And the best part is we have 8 more weekends to take on! I couldn’t be more thankful and excited to be a part of the Stryker team!

Victoria Janssen                                              

 Quality Engineering Intern 

Endoscopy- San Jose, CA



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