What is Human Resources, anyway?

According to Michael Scott in The Office, HR’s job is to make the office “lame”. In the comic strip Dilbert, the HR director is a cat that thrives on watching employees worry about potential layoffs. So what does HR do, actually? And what does HR do at Stryker, a leading medical device company that has won numerous awards for being a great place to work?

During my internship at Stryker Communications in Flower Mound, TX, I dove into the multi-faceted world that is Human Resources to discover the answers to these questions.

At Stryker Comm, the HR department does much more than hire and fire people. Here, HR leads employee engagement by planning World Cup game watches and school supply drives. HR creates programs to develop talented employees into the best versions of themselves: professionally and personally. And HR is the go-to team when employees need advice on how to resolve a problem or to learn a new skill.  

And I was a part of it all: I spent my days sourcing for jobs on LinkedIn, planning happy hours to boost engagement, leading trainings on how to use the company intranet, and working with managers to put together a training module for mid-career management hires. I created weekly “Toilet Paper” newsletters with features like the Stryker Spotlight and Riddle of the Week, developed a career development program for high potential employees that will be piloted next year, and got to know people throughout the business by hand delivering balloons and cards for the “Stryker-versary” recognition program that I designed.

My experience with the HR team here at Stryker Comm has been amazing – I worked with a group of talented and motivated individuals who are nothing like Toby from The Office or the HR cat in Dilbert.  They immediately welcomed me to the team and valued my ideas throughout my internship. I took on challenges, made mistakes, and celebrated with the other interns when things went well. It’s been an incredible three months, and I know that what I learned through this internship will last far beyond the summer.

Becky Jegier

Human Resources Intern

Stryker Communications – Flower Mound, TX

With my manager and advsor!

My advisor, myself, and my manager!

Example of an event I created!

Flier promoting employee engagement!

Another way I helped with engagement and giving back to the community!


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