My First Internship

I can honestly say this summer has been the most challenging and rewarding summer I’ve ever had. Every day, I have a chance to learn and grow into a role that I love more every day. Regardless with whom you talk to at Stryker, everyone will likely say the same thing, but within my team, Product Safety, nothing is truer.

A lot of people won’t know what product safety is. Before I interviewed and started working with the team, my knowledge wasn’t very extensive. I did know the team worked with R&D through various stages of a product’s development cycle to ensure patient and operator safety. What I didn’t know was that there is so much more to it. Every member of the team has to be well acquainted with the standards regarding medical technology safety and bring their own unique background and level of expertise to the application of the standards. With those traits, each person brought something different to helping me maximize my personal and professional growth during my summer internship.

Not only is the job amazing, the people are equally as great. My mentor Nate is like the fountain of knowledge. Just standing beside him makes you smarter and it’s been a pleasure to learn from and try to keep up with him. But it’s not just Nate who has been a great resource to me. The rest of my team all had their own role in my development and I cannot thank each of them enough for one of the best summers I’ve ever had.

This is my first internship and I count my lucky stars that it has been with a company like Stryker and the Product Safety team. Everybody who works at Stryker has been wonderful and extremely helpful. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience this summer.

Cari Morgan HeadshotCari Morgan

Product Safety Engineering

Instruments – Kalamazoo, MI


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