The Real World: Stryker

This summer, I and my fellow 17 interns at Stryker Sustainability Solutions, have been a part of our own production of “The Real World: Stryker.” This group is working, living, and spending their free time together and has become the epitome of the Stryker culture. We have built relationships, both professionally and personally. We have tackled challenges as a team, most notably our cross functional group projects. These projects are an opportunity for interns from different departments to come together and leverage their knowledge with a goal in mind. From this experience, we have learned how to work with different work styles, thought processes and diverse ideas to complete the project to the best of our ability. Ultimately, this shows how we have encouraged each other to perform our best through responsibility, input, competition and everything else Gallup has identified as “strengths.”  Our intentions as a group have been aligned since day one and have grown stronger as time passes just like the relationship between SSS and its customers.  It is very rare that a business can have the same bottom line as its clients, and that is how I feel about the group of interns.  SSS succeeds when they collect, reprocess and sell devices to hospitals. The hospitals not only save money but prevent waste when they choose to reprocess devices from SSS. Neither can happen without the participation and support of the other, just like our internship. Together, we strive to survive the summer heat, complete projects, and help each other answer the intimidating questions associated with graduating including: What industry? What office culture do I perform best in? What department and function do I like? How can I make a difference? How can I apply my strengths in the workforce? Overall, this opportunity with Stryker has made these questions less stressful to think about and more of an answer to deliver.

Evelyn Beguiristain HeadshotEvelyn Beguiristain 

Finance, Customer Analytics

Sustainability Solutions – Tempe, AZ


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