LTD – Living the Dream

Stryker has been nothing but beyond helpful in guiding me through finding my path and my niche, and I am forever appreciative and grateful for this opportunity. The people at Stryker are what separate them from any other corporation. The willingness, drive, and passion of each person consistently amazes me every day. Every day there is something new to learn and someone new to learn from. It’s beyond rewarding to work with people each and every day sharing the same common goals. Additionally, every employee has a unique personality that blends to make the culture here so remarkable.

May 19th was my first day at Stryker Corporation; it was also my first day at Stryker’s World headquarters as I am a corporate tax intern.  When you think about the actual title of the building “World Headquarters” your mind probably paints a perfect picture of this ginormous building, with thousands of workers in business suits. However, working here is not as daunting as it may seem. As for my team, they are the most welcoming people I have come across in years. I have worked on several different projects over these last 8 weeks, and the responsibilities that have been placed in my hands are amazing. This speaks volumes not only about my team, but as Stryker as a whole. Not only do I have great coworkers that I enjoy being around at work every day, but these are people I enjoy being around outside of work.

As for everyone reading, I leave you with this; You have 86,460 seconds in each day, what you choose to do with them is right in the palm of your hands. Stryker displays the “picture perfect” opportunity to do something great, and to be great every day. I truly enjoy waking up every morning knowing I have certain tasks to tackle and that I get to be around some amazing people. You don’t find that at every company. They say if you love what you do and where you work, you’ll never work a day in your life.  I have four more weeks left in the summer internship program, and let me tell you, it’s nothing short of bittersweet. From job shadows, to after work sport games, traveling, world-cup lunches, baseball games, volunteer days and meeting with Kevin Lobo (CEO of Stryker Corporation), the Stryker Intern experience has been eye opening and life changing and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my summer anywhere else.


Dubois_Meghan headshotMeghan Dubois

Tax Intern

Corporate Headquarters – Kalamazoo, MI



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