The Culture with the Climate

I have been an intern at three locations, Medical and Instruments located in Kalamazoo and now Endoscopy in San Jose. Each location has a slightly different feel but they all exude the Stryker culture. However, one thing that is different is the climate. I have grown up in Michigan my whole life and while I love my state, I don’t love the cold winters. Even though these internships are during the summer months (so you may think it would be hard to tell) the climate change was obvious. San Jose has perfect weather all day every day! This sunny weather transfers over to the sunny dispositions of the employees here. Everyone is extremely helpful and interested in building relationships inside and outside of the work place.

More than just the sun, surf, and smiles, Endoscopy holds strongly to the Stryker attitude of work hard, play hard. With a sort of small startup exploding with success feel, each employee pulls their weight until the job is done. Then the job is to enjoy the sun. With no bad weather in sight, more people are active for their form of entertainment by biking, running, or playing an assortment of sports. So whatever division you are at, go out and work hard, then play hard with your coworkers because at the end of the day you should be building relationships and enjoying what you do.

Sarah Ellison HSSarah Ellison

Regulatory Affairs

Endoscopy- San Jose, CA


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