Big Sur

Today, the Bay Area interns made the windy drive down to Big Sur to explore the scenic trails of Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. As usual, our large numbers forced us to split up into multiple cars. Since the most direct route down to Big Sur is along Pacific Coast Highway, there was ample cliff-side driving with scenic views of the ocean.

After a quick stop to grab some sandwiches, we pulled into the McWay Waterfall Trail parking lot. Knowing that the rest of the interns wouldn’t arrive for another half hour, our group of 5 decided to check out Overlook Trail on our own.  To our delight, we were met by awesome views of an untouched cove and endless ocean swells. Before we knew it, the other interns had met up with us and we decided to explore the southern portion of the trail. By pushing through some bushes and scaling a few rocks, we ended up at the edge of a 100-foot cliff overlooking the enormous ocean. The view was as amazing as it was fear-inducing because the drop off was a pretty steep at the edge of the cliff. After climbing around in trees and taking an absurd amount of pictures, we turned our attention to the inland McWay Waterfall Trail.

The McWay Trail originated at an open picnic area but quickly became more scenic as it wound away from civilization. Between the stream crossings, fallen trees, and rock formations, there were enough natural obstacles to keep everyone entertained. We didn’t know how long the trail would last, but we all continued on under the gray overcast sky. Finally, after climbing a smooth rock face, we were greeted by a 30-foot waterfall diving down into a small pool below us. Despite the freezing temperature of the water, we splashed around under the waterfall until we started the seemingly quicker trek back.

Of course, we were obligated to take some group pictures — here’s the crew:

I loved being surrounded by the stunning nature of Big Sur and I can only hope there are more beautiful hikes in our future!

Ryan Williams
Quality Assurance
Endoscopy – California


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